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Queering Intuitive Spaces

Nikki Gilbert
Intuitive Healer

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I am a nerd. I love sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and video/tabletop games. I am a queer woman with a lovely wife and cat. I live in Los Angeles. I am originally from Kentucky. Louisville Cardinals, not Kentucky Wildcats, let's be clear about that. I enjoy drawing, writing, biking, and exercising. I believe that there is value in balancing care for your spirit, physical and emotional bodies. I am recently disabled and neurodivergent (autism and combined type ADHD).

"Speak, friend, and enter."


The Work

Let's get those pesky qualifications out of the way. Ahem. I have a Master's degree in Social Work. I am certified in Basic and Advanced Intuitive Healing courses from the School of Intuitive Greater Healing. I am also a certified teacher of Intuitive Healing from the same school.  I am also technically a Priestess. My work is driven by two ideals: consent and co-creation. Consent is pretty straight forward, I always ask permission from my clients about what they would like to do in a situation. I will provide possible options for a client to choose from, but it's your life and your energy and you deserve to choose what you want in those spaces. Co-creation just means that I am there with you and we are creating the space together. 

As my graduate degree would suggest, I am passionate about helping people heal the wounds they've experienced in their lives. My work is focused on helping my clients live their best lives to their highest potential.



I have been fortunate to have experienced two past life readings and an energy/chakra cleaning with Nikki.  Nikki did an excellent job of explaining each step of the process and making sure that I was informed and comfortable.  Nikki grounded me to begin each process, which helped me to be fully present.  I felt that I walked away from each session with a more full understanding of myself and my journey.  I am thankful for the information and perspective I gained in my sessions and highly recommend Nikki’s services to everyone!

~Missy, IN

Working with Nikki couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. The work she did with me coming out of overwhelming heartbreak and loss not only helped me cope but helped me find a deeper strength and calm I didn’t think possible in some moments. I have been healing so quickly and shifting more and more into my capacity for fulfillment and connection. I’ve implemented some regular practices to keep the work going and the results have been a bit unbelievable. I will continue working with Nikki as long as she is offering and I am able. What she brings to this practice is undeniable, protective, kind, present, healing and empowering. With all gratitude and highest recommendations. May we all be well.

~Anna, KY

Service Types

30 Minute Options:

1 Past Life Reading


1 Asked and Answerer (Ask a question, get an answer)

60 Minute Options:

1 Energy Clearing and Balancing 


1 Past Life and 1 Asked and Answered

90 Minute Options:

1 Energy Clearing and Balance and 1 Past Life Reading

or 1 Energy Clearing and 1 Asked and Answered

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Session Lengths


30 Minute Sessions $50 each

60 Minute Sessions $100 each

90 Minute Sessions $125

Package of 5 60 Minute Sessions $400

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More Services and Classes

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